Xenios Polis. Culture, Science and Action



Xenios Polis. Culture, Science & Action is a non-profit educational and research organization established in Athens, Attica and whose aims are the scientific research as well as the organization of culture, education, training and social welfare programs. Emphasis is primarily on issues concerning specific social groups information, training and support – steadily or occasionally characterized as socially sensitive and vulnerable. ΧENIOS POLIS staff include academic teachers, PhD holders, researchers, well experienced educators, adult trainers, volunteers, who have been actively engaged with programs focused on and dealing with disadvantaged groups. As part of socio-political, cultural, educational and inclusion/integration interferences, dominant activities of ΧENIOS POLIS are:
a) social integration, solidarity, racism- intolerance -negative perceptions combat (existing in cases of, and/or associated with national / racial origin, religion, gender, disability, age, and with specific groups such as people with an immigrant background, youth and children, religious and language minorities, elderly people),
b) citizens’ information and training on crucial social issues and prevention strategies concerning vulnerable people and the issues of health, labor, housing, inclusion, media
c) intercultural content training, intermediation, diversity and non-discrimination practices for practitioners, trainers and educators,
d) design, development and implementation of methods and approaches tailored on vulnerable groups specific needs (e.g. senior citizens) including the promotion of innovation and the functional integration of the Information and Communication Technologies.